Collection: Manhattan Bag

Components: Spanish lambskin, Golden chain (Nikel free)

The Manhattan Bag is a small soft leather bag that offers versatility in use. The golden chain gives sophistication to the bag due to its quality and at the same time because of the comfort it offers. Long enough to be worn crossbody but also removable to be able to carry the bag by hand with its small leather handle, giving the bag a more festive look.

All our bags are made entirely by hand in Spain, using only natural and national products. Our Km 0 policy works to promote environmental sustainability, offering total transparency in the environmental footprint left by each Danni Ro bag.

All our bags are timeless, designed to be part of a woman's life forever. Buying quality equals durability; Less is never more, it has made so much sense.


  • Height without handle: 20 cm
  • Width 30cm
  • Depth: 8cm
  • Long chain: 124cm
  • Hand handle: 35 cm
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